Trying to find focus…


With the start of each new school year I’ve always picked one curriculum area or focus for my professional growth.  Call it a new year resolution of sorts.  In the past it has been science or math or classroom climate…an area to grow on.

Problem is, this year my ability to focus in on just one area has gone a bit haywire.  As I’m starting to think about September and trying to narrow my focus down to just one area, I’m finding that I just can’t do it.  Kind of like the picture of my darling James above.  It’s almost in focus.  Not my best photography to be sure, but I just can’t bring myself to delete the photo.  Just like my planning for this year.  Can’t quite nail it down.

Is it going to be literacy?  Blogging?  Daily 5?  The Sharon Taberski book that I keep reading and rereading?  Global citizenship?  Leadership?  Health and Career?

The trouble is, they are all connected.  Teaching has changed.  We no longer deliver one curricular are, or integrate a few-technology has allowed us to pull everything together from all over and bring it to one place, one presentation or summation of learning.

So how do we teach that to kids?  Project based learning? Or is it simply teaching kids to think?  I’ve always thought if you teach a child to create quality writing, you teach them to think too.  But reading and writing are the mirror of each other…and round I go again, no closer to a focus.

Maybe we will just sing.

Is anyone else feeling this way too??


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  2. As leaders, our biggest focus is keeping the main thing the main thing. I see all those a vital components and keeping the kids at the top. This i know you do naturally. Your articulation of the dilemma demonstrates our highest and best use is a dynamic mark always moving depending on the audience! You will create champions by giving each exactly what they need fluidly and w have!

  3. Hi Michael,
    Thanks for the comment! Starting with the basics is great advice. Start with a solid base and grow from there. I love Daily 5 and CAFE, it really makes sense to me and keeps the needs of each student as the priority. All the best for you in your new school year too, it’s going to be great!

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