The Balloon Bandit strikes again!

For the past 7 or 8 years we seem to have had a problem at our school with balloons and pranks in general…and it seems the balloon bandit has struck again.  This time the bandit found really big balloons!

Which were filled with little love notes written by an anonymous class…



And then filled with air…


IMG_0593And stored for a short while until the moment came…

IMG_0597To surprise our fantastic Principal, Carrie.  What a great sport she is!








It was so much fun for the students to see that she put the balloons up in the office:


The biggest balloons even made it to the assembly for a little crowd surfing:IMG_0607Now you must understand that I am just the reporter.  I know nothing 😉

What have you done lately to show you care and add some fun to your school?


The Balloon Bandit strikes again! — 2 Comments

  1. Love this, Diana! It was so fun! I bet your kids loved being a part of this “secret”.

    Care is so important to share, teach, and model in school and in life. What great lessons your students have had this year!

    It’s been fun to watch – even though they know nothing about any of this, of course!

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