September Start-up

We have been very busy in Division 11 over the past two weeks!  Here are a few photos and captions to show our learning…

We met our buddies this week!  Everyone was excited to interview his/her buddy and have their photos taken.

We watched our “Dot Day” video and then worked on our first art display: portraits of each other.  Mrs. Iwagami and Mrs. Williams are so happy to be together as buddy classes again this year, this is our 5th year together!   It is really neat that some of our “big” buddies were once “little buddies” in Mrs. Williams class.  It is so nice to be together again!

Our buddies enjoyed looking at our monster art showing our wishes for the year and dreams for the future.

We are working on our stamina for Daily 5!  I have been really impressed at the commitment that Div. 11 has shown to becoming better readers.  They are excited to be in charge of their own learning, and I am very proud of their efforts.  Our stamina made a huge leap, check it out:

Thats 15 minutes of absolutely quiet, focused, wiggle/distraction free reading.  Wow, am I ever impressed!  I can’t wait to start individual reading conferences with the students!

This is our “I” (for independence) chart for read to self.  For each session there is a story and strategy before we practice building stamina for read to self.  We had two lessons with two very different books.  The strategy was “tune into interesting words”.  Here are some of the “juicy” words we found:

Our first poem of the year is from “Score One for the SLOTHS”, one of Mrs. Williams’ favourites 🙂

We also finished our shields and put them on permanent display in our class.

In addition, we have been working on our word lists for our Individual Spelling Program, (which I will describe in a future post), addition/subtraction review and personal inventories for Health and Career.  Students are working hard at using their planners as a communication tool and are showing how responsible they are by getting the planner signed each night.  It has been a wonderful start to the year with a fantastic group of kids 🙂


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