Random Acts of Kindness: “Warm Fuzzies”

This loveable funny little critter is a warm fuzzy 🙂
Who doesn’t need a boost from time to time?  This week our class started a group project that we hope to grow and develop for the school year.  We have embarked on a “Random Acts of Kindness”  project to support our learning about citizenship for Health and Career.

We started off with a fantastic lesson with our student teacher, Ms. Dalzell about citizenship.  You can read Sarah Dalzell’s blog post here .  From there we developed the project to show our citizenship within the school by doing random nice things (random acts of kindness) for people.  We call it RAK ing 🙂  The class started writing their drafts thanking the office staff for all they do for others.  We let the drafts rest and moved onto the fuzzy part of the plan…

Later in the day we got started making these goofy little fuzz balls.  What an afternoon of fun with our grade 6 buddy class who were very good sports about helping wind wool, tie and cut the loops.  Sounds simple, but when you have that much yarn and kids its bound to get a little messy!

Our fantastic CCW Jen is in the background helping with the madness 🙂  Thanks Jen!   And a big thanks to Ms. Iwagami, my wonderful friend and colleague (we have been buddy classes for many, many years) for manning the hot glue gun station and getting all the googly eyes glued on with no major first aid emergencies!

Thursday morning after watching this video we moved on to the good copy of the writing portion.  The students wrote and decorated little notes and did not sign them.  It was at this point they really understood that they were not going to keep the little fuzzies that they had now named and grown quite attached to.  But there was no question of keeping them when it came time to put them into the bin to go with their notes.  I was very proud of my young students, this was the real learning moment for them.


While everyone was at an assembly the notes and fuzz balls were delivered…Here is Pat, our AMAZING head secretary with a big smile 🙂

And Carrie, our fearless leader who is one of the most amazing, genuine and true leaders I have ever worked with…

…we won’t talk about how my class flat out denied any involvement when she came to thank our class 🙂  They even said, “check with ms….’s class, it was probably them!”   Yikes!

And my dear friend, powerful supporter, leader and encourager Tia…

You can read  Tia Henriksen’s blog post here

And she reminded us in her blog post that World Kindness Week is November 13-17.  So how are you going to make someone’s day  a bit brighter?  What random act of kindness will you do… just because?

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