Marshmallows, a fat free food


Yummmm….nothing quite like a roasted marshmallow…

This summer we camped.  (Apparently its what one is supposed to do when one has children…who knew?)  So, we roasted marshmallows, of course!

Any guesses as to what marshmallows do to a couple of three year olds?  Well, it ain’t pretty.  They may be fat free, but they are full of SUGAR, and that is bad news just before bedtime.


Marcus and Matthew in marshmallow bliss…and then we proceeded to have “dog-pile” “extreme chase” and “crash and burn”.  Imagine WWE for three-year-olds…highly entertaining, but you don’t get to go home after the show!

So what is the point of this post?  Well, remember the bag said, “a fat-free food”?  What does sugar turn into?  FAT.

As adults, we had a giggle and left the rest of the marshmallows on the picnic table (the racoons stole them later that night, but that is a whole other highly entertaining story…) and the conversation turned to, “is that honest advertising?”  I guess it is true in a sense, but what of the big picture?

It just reminded me how important our role is as educators to help our students see the big picture and to ask questions.  I think I will have to bring back the tree octopus early in the year this coming year.  Critical thinking never goes out of style…and neither do marshmallows!

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