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I was sifting through my home feed on Twitter the other night and was taken by this project.

It looked like a simple way to add collaboration to my classroom and do some meaningful work during the first week where we have kids but no classes are set.  So I decided to have all the grade three students participate in this really cool idea.  Off to my local bookseller to find the book and we were set!

There was lots of lively discussion in response to the book, but the best part was when one of the boys said, “I wish we could do that…”  I wish you could have seen the size of his eyes and his huge grin when I said, “OK, let’s do that!”

First I showed them a video invitation to the project.  They were shocked that we were going to use the iPads to make our dots!

I chose the app Art Box because it is very close to actually using real media.  I like that there is no undo button, because when we are creating with paint or other media you can’t just undo what you put on the paper.  The app is very intuitive and required just a quick (2 minutes) walk through demonstration with the iPad hooked up to the projector.  The result is very realistic.

Of course I had them sign their first name (it’s in the book) and save to photos on the iPad.  I hooked the iPad up to my laptop and downloaded it to my photos.  From there I uploaded all of the grade 3 photos (49 of them) to Flikr and voila! we are participating in the Dot Day video project for Dot Day on Saturday, September 15th.


My personal “Aha” moment was when I was looking at all the dots my students had created.  They are all different and really show the personality of the student who created it.  The more I know about my students, the better- and this is a great start!

If you want to participate in this project, click on the link above and sign up on the google doc.  The deadline for submissions is Wednesday.  I can’t wait to see the final product and hope you join us!




Here is the finished video!

Dots Around the World Collaborative Project (Click on title to view)

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