Leadership2.0 Session #4

Last Tuesday I participated in week 4 of the Leadership2.0 MOOC.  I have enjoyed all of the sessions so far and this one had some great connections to work that I am interested in as a learner and teacher.

Leadership2.0 Session #4 with Jonathan E Martin (a MOOC developed by George Couros, link can be found here)



Jonathan covered many topics-(too many to list, you really should go view the link above) but one of the fundamental things he said is you need to read.  Read books and read blogs.

I am always looking for a good book to read and the following book is next on my list:

Mindset-The New Psychology of Success by Carol S Dweck

I am looking forward to this reading because in the chat at the side of the session it said that there is a section that relates nicely to formative assessment and descriptive feedback, something I am always looking for more research on.  I know that descriptive feedback works because I can see how it affects the work of my students, but somehow I always feel that I have to justify what I know with “data”, test scores, etc because that is how I went through school.  Hopefully this read will help me connect what I know and feel with “accredited research”.

Participants shared their blogs with the group, so I thought I would compile a reading list of the blogs.

Blogs listed:







www.beachycove.ca (click on Principals’s blog link)






If I have missed a blog, my apologies!  Please send me a link and I will update the list.

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