Daily 5 (part 2)

Our Daily 5 made it’s first milestone last week.  We “Read to Self” for over 30 minutes!  Our fantastic admin team came down to help us celebrate.  Here is a photo of one of the students sharing the stopwatch time with the Principal and Vice Principal.

Of course we celebrated with cupcakes!

And now…”read to someone”!  The students have been asking about the next of the “5” in Daily5 and were so excited to learn how to do “read to someone”.  It was easy to convince this group that reading to someone else is fun and helps you to become a better reader.  After a quick lesson on EEKK (elbow, elbow, knee, knee) the students were chomping at the bit to try.  I had to stop them before they were ready to stop.  Everyone was engaged and reading.  It was beautiful to see them enjoy reading so much:

Finally, I thought I would include a photo of how I introduce the CAFE strategy cards to our strategy board.  I always make sure that I pick a book (fiction or nonfiction) that clearly demonstrates the strategy.  FOr example, I used a nonfiction book about working dogs to show the strategy “connect to prior knowledge” because most kids relate really well with dogs and have a pretty good background knowledge base to draw from.  I have the most fun picking books to demonstrate a strategy because I just love to read aloud with my class 🙂

We will continue to build stamina for “read to someone” and hope to celebrate soon.  Check back for the next post on “work on writing” and how I use ongoing journal, poetry and blogging to engage my young writers.

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