Who am I?  Well, I am a wife, mom, teacher/learner, musician, friend, prankster, small town girl, thinker, caregiver, daughter, auntie, sister…


…but I guess the most important thing is that I am always learning and changing.

I started my teaching career in a grade 5 classroom that looked like this:
And went on to my first paid teaching assignment teaching elementary music:
I sang, I danced, I put on a musical:
And then got laid-off.
So I picked myself up and applied for a grade 6 position where I had amazing mentors (thanks Mike O’Neill and Cathy Bulger!)  I was so proud of my kidlets and my pretty classroom…
and I even took my darling grade 6’s camping:
(This is at Tribune Bay Outdoor Education Centre on Hornby Island, amazing place!)
And then I got laid off, again.
So I applied for a music posting and went on to teach core music again:
And I absolutely loved teaching Choir (and I even directed the District Honor Choir)
 And then I got laid off.  Yup, AGAIN!  So, being frustrated with this small town teaching phenomena, I moved to White Rock.
Luckily for me, Surrey was hiring French teachers and I got on with the district teaching: core french (grades 5-7), grade 3, grade 4 and social studies at an inner-city school.  Culture shock.  I was so happy to have a job that I didn’t even bat an eye when the principal asked me to direct the Christmas concert!
And then…get this…I got LAID OFF AGAIN!  Fortunately, Surrey has great contract language and it was only temporary.  I found myself placed into a fine arts school teaching grade 7 and dance for four months.  In January I was placed in a tiny rural school teaching grade seven.  That group was so much fun!  We put on an adaptation of “Romeo and Juliette” that my colleague wrote just for us.  We even danced to Austin Powers at the district dance festival, what a groovy group of kids!
I bounced between a few schools as I built seniority and made some amazing friends along the way.
And then I finally had enough seniority to land my VERY OWN CLASS at Bear Creek working with a diverse range of students, including those who are deaf and hard of hearing.
I started teaching grade 7, then jumped down to 3, then 4, then 3/4 and had been mostly 3 for my last few years at Bear Creek, with two mat leaves in-between.
A few years ago I moved to Bayridge and I now teach a grade 3 or a 3/4 combined class. We are part of Classroom Champions, we work hard to do are part in the fight against global poverty by making micro-loans with Kiva and are deep into inquiry learning and developing our learning with reflection and formative feedback/Freshgrade.  I also enjoy teaching with Discovery Education and am a DEN Star and have facilitated the DEN Ambassador program for the South Zone.
I love what I do.  I’m a huge curriculum nerd.  I love being silly and geeky (yup, I am a singing, dancing geek!) and I love that I have had the privilege to work with all kinds of young people, including hearing impaired students.  I am so very lucky to have landed where I am.  Right now technology and innovation have caught my attention,   We will see what the future holds.  Until then,
Be silly and work hard!
Teacher Diana


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  1. My heart aches for you about the annual layoffs. I’ve been through it too. The first time was in 2001 when I taught in Abbotsford. That experience (and inspiration from a colleague) convinced me to go overseas. I ended up spending seven amazing years overseas in three countries – Colombia, Malaysia and Belgium – and LOVED it! Now I’m home, teaching in Vancouver since 2009 and this is the first year I haven’t been laid off! Surrey is so lucky to have you!

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